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My First Ever Photoshoot

Pictures from my first ever photoshoot! I had a nice time posing for my bestfriend, Faye, as she practiced her photography lighting. She directed me on the poses, angles and even the kind of smiles she wanted. Thank you so much Faye, you’re such a good photographer! Here are some of the pictures. I wouldn’t mind being a model. Oh and did I mention that I love the pics so much!



I just feel so tired and sleepy, anyway, I’ll be sleeping in a few minutes. Well, at least, I haven’t been praying not to wake up the following morning anymore-big improvement, believe me.

I have been enjoying work lately-mainly because of Odi, he keeps me laughing with his funny antics, one liners and monologues. Also because, we don’t have any pressing deadlines and submissions just yet, that’s why my bosses haven’t been harassing me. Believe it or not, I’m gong to work tomorrow, a Saturday, even if they didn’t ask me to, I just want to get a headstart on my drawings.

Earlier, I really wanted to go shopping but I stopped myself, I really cannot afford shopping right now. I wanted to buy my favorite perfume, Eclat, but now I find it smells too sickeningly sweet, so I opted not to. I wanted to buy sandals, but I want to look around for something much nicer than the simple black ones I’ve been eyeing. I wanted to buy a book, but I remembered I still have a lot of books that I haven’t even read yet. Shopping relaxes me, they call it retail therapy, I call it my hobby! Well, it used to be my hobby. *sigh*

You know where I really want to shop? Tiffany’s, Chopard, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Bottega Veneta, Gucci. Oooh, but at least, I’ve shopped in three out of the five stores I’ve mentioned. Ha!

Oooh, this is just too exquisite, I have to post this. Presenting, Tiffany’s Blue Brooch:

They could have actually moved the diamond ribbons to the center and have it mimic their gift boxes. (Allow me to swoon and sigh deeply here). Anyway, enough rambling, it’s keeping me awake.

Of journals and diaries, a project.

I have always wanted to write. That’s why I have kept journals ever since I can remember. From a Kiki and Lala hardbound diary during my elementary days to those recycled paper notebooks of Papemelroti all throughout my highschool and college days.

It was only here in Singapore that I stopped writing. I wasn’t able to find the time to write down my feelings and chronicle all the things that happened during my first few years here. Oh, and the stories I could tell!

I’ve always wanted to write, so now, I will try my hand in writing about things I know. My bestfriend suggested that I write about Filipinos living here in Singapore. Well, maybe, I’ll try to write about my life here first, then eventually move on to other topics and other people’s lives as I go along.

I’m excited about this. I also plan to publish this, might as well dream big!