With Chico and Delamar in Sentosa

I met Chico and Delamar of Monster Radio RX93.1 radio station last Saturday night at Sentosa, it’s the morning after and I’m still riding on a high!

I met up with my friend Chuckie, Specialistjoe, who arranged the meeting and several other people in Vivo City who were also looking forward to meet the two. On our way to their hotel, I was already very excited, I honestly didn’t know if I’ll be a chatterbox or I’ll be clamming my mouth shut the whole time.

I tried to restrain myself, but when I finally saw them, I blurted out, “Si Chico, si Delamar!”. Their eyes both lit up upon hearing their names and I felt like a true blue fanatic and fell in love with them all over again.

I went over to Chico, greeted him, shook his hand and introduced myself and my friend Chuckie. He was cute, friendly, had a nice smile and, a piercing on his left eyebrow.

Delamar was surrounded by most of the girls, I could only catch her eye and wave, giving her my biggest smile. I find Delamar also very friendly. She was petite and pretty with nice cheekbones and an engaging smile.

With their tight itinerary, I thought that we’ll just be meeting them there at the hotel lobby. It was very nice of them to ask us to go with them to have drinks at a bar. We went to a beachfront bar called Café Del Mar, there were huge beds and chaise lounges laid out on the sands. It was a warm night with the occasional breeze, it was the perfect setting.

We took pictures, posed with them and smiled. There was a lot of laughter, smiles and giggling going around. We settled ourselves down, ordered our drinks and chatted with them. Being a not-so-shy person, I found myself sitting beside Delamar, almost interviewing her. At the same time Chuckie was also plopping himself down beside Chico. We talked about their show and how much fun we have listening to their programs. Delamar shared her experiences with us doing the show and Chico was once again regaling us with his funny antics and stories. It was like listening to a live program and it gave me such a heady feeling.

Combined with the margarita I had and the fun I was having talking with all the people there, I had quite a buzz in my head. I wished we could have stayed up all night, chatting and laughing with them.

The night eventually had to end and we walked with them back to their hotel. We said our long but happy goodbyes and I promised to visit them at their radio station in Ortigas City, Philippines.

Big thanks to Specialistjoe for arranging the meeting with them!

  1. I’m so inggit haha! I’m happy for you and for the rest of the Singapore rushers! yey! hope to meet you soon! ;D so it’s either umuwi ka dito or pumunta ako diyan. haha 😀

    • Specialist
    • February 2nd, 2010

    Glad to be of help bringing together the rushers here in Singapore

    • Specialist
    • February 2nd, 2010

    Link na rin kita sa blog ko.

  2. hey astroboyisagirl, of course, pag umuwi ako, sama ako sa EB there! and u can also come on over and visit us here =D

    • i’m waiting for my kuya specialist to make me libre hahaha! 😀

        • Specialist
        • February 3rd, 2010

        lilibre ba kita?

      • hahaha o sige kuya yung cellphone na lang muna. touchscreen ah. hahahaha!

  3. ilibre mo na! sige na! bunso mo naman yan dba? hihihi

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