It sucks to be sick

I was supposed to have an overnight retreat this weekend, I also got invited to a surprise party, and there is a barbecue at Labrador Park that I was invited to, but I unfortunately wasn’t able to go to any of those things because I am sick!

I have coughs and cold, I also feel so fatigued. My friend says it’s just stress, but I almost had a breakdown yesterday. I wanted to cry, shout, and throw a tantrum to my heart’s content but I just didn’t have the energy anymore.

I wanted to go to my parent’s house back in Manila and curl into a ball in my old room and be taken cared of by them. I wanted to hear the comforting sounds of my old house, the bustle in our kitchen, my mom doing her paperwork in the dining table, my dad watching television in the living room, my sister chatting on the phone, and our dog walking inside the house with her feet making soft padding sounds and clicks against our marble floor.

Instead, I am here in Singapore, inside my room, lying in my bed, resting and missing out in all the fun I could have had this weekend all because I am stressed, burned out and sick. It totally sucks.

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