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Sansrival Cake Recipe

Sans Rival Cake is a Filipino dessert that originated from San Fernando, Pampanga,so as my friend informed me. This sweet cake takes on a layered presentation of cream filling, nuts and bread or biscuits. I have loved this cake since I was a child so I wanted to try to bake it.

Sansrival Recipe
For Butter Cream Filling:
½ Cup Butter, softened
½ Cup Margarine
1 ¼ Cups Powdered or Confectionary Sugar
1 ¼ teaspoons Vanilla extract

For Base and Nuts:
9 Pcs Graham Crackers
¼ Cup Cashew Nuts, chopped

1. Filling – Whip butter and margarine until smooth. Add in powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Beat until creamy and well-blended. Stir in cashew nuts.
2. Assemble – Lay a piece of plastic wrap (about 12×11 inches) on working area. Spread about ¼ cup chopped cashew nuts evenly on top of plastic wraps*. Spread thick layer of butter cream facing down, side by side over the nuts. Repeat 2 times to make 3 layers.
3. Cover the top and sides with a thick layer of butter cream. Leave about 1/3 cup of buter cream for decoration. Cover with plastic wrap to hold.
4. Chill for 30 minutes. Turn loaf over and unwrap. Serve.

*Use the graham as measurement guide. Chopped nuts should cover length of 3 whole grahams side by side. Use a piping bag to decorate edges of Sansrival with remaining butter cream , you may add about ¼ cup of finely chopped cashew nuts on the side.

My Verdict:
My cake turned out to be too sweet for my taste, and mind you, I have a very sweet tooth! I added 1 more layer of icing on top, so my advice is try not to make a very thick icing filling and topping. Anyway, I loved the cashew nuts combined with the cream filling.

Anyway, next time I do this again,it will be perfect, enjoy baking!


Peach Refrigerator Cake

I’m not known for being a great cook, much less someone who bakes, but I’m excited about this new project. I initially wanted to make a Strawberry Cheesecake but I found out that I need a baking oven for that, and since I don’t have that-yet, I’m going to bake a Peach Refrigerator Cake instead!

I wonder why I haven’t done this before, I so love Refrigerator Cakes because it’s very easy and simple to do. Only thing is, you have to wait till the next day to eat it–but, I can wait!

Here is the recipe and procedure:

Peach Refrigerator Cake
30 ounces sliced peaches
14 ounces condensed milk (1 can)
8 ounces table or all purpose cream
8 to 12 pieces graham crackers

1. Combine condensed milk and table cream and mix thoroughly. Refrigerate for 3 hours to thicken the mixture.
2. Arrange a layer of graham crackers in a baking pan or any container of your choice.
3. Pour half of the condensed milk and table cream mixture over the arranged graham crackers and spread until the crackers all well covered.
4. Arrange some sliced peaches on top of the mixture (you may slice the peaches in half to make it thinner).
5. Place another layer of graham crackers over the peaches.
6. Pour-in the remaining mixture over the second layer of graham crackers and spread evenly.
7. Top the mixture with the remaining sliced peaches.
8. Refrigerate overnight.
9. Serve for dessert. Share and enjoy!

My Verdict
It turned out perfect—for me that is!

Only thing was I only made a small portion, which was okay as I was doing it for the first time. I also learned that one should strictly follow the measurements of the ingredients in the recipe to achieve the desired consistency of the mixture. Next time I’ll also cut the peaches into thinner slices. Other than that, it was delicious, totally satisfied my sweet tooth!