Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios

Universal Studios Singapore is a new theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Universal Studios Singapore will be partially open during the weekend of the Chinese New Year Celebrations. It is considered auspicious for businesses to open during the Lunar New Year, so for several days this week, Universal Studios Singapore will open from 5pm to 9pm every night from 14 Feb to 21 Feb. However, the rides will not be operating, it will be more of a tour and a walk around the park instead.

The park will be 20 hectares (49 acres) in size, occupying the eastern part of the 49 hectares (120 acres) Resorts World Sentosa. There will be a total of 24 attractions, of which 18 will be original or specially adapted for the park. It consists of seven uniquely themed zones which will encircle a lagoon, each location will feature an iconic location based on blockbuster movies or television shows. Each zone will feature their unique attractions, character appearances, dining and shopping areas. These include the world’s tallest dueling roller coaster based on the hit television show Battlestar Galactica, a castle from the world of Shrek, live shows by the famous Universal Monsters as well as celebrity look-alikes. The park will also includes about 30 restaurants and food carts together with 20 unique retail stores and carts located around the park. It also includes several themed zones such as Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar.

Being an Architect, I was fortunate enough to be able to work with the construction drawings of the New York Area Zone. Though I have to admit, the working conditions then was so horrible! I have worked in construction sites before but I have never experienced anything quite like that. We worked in the basement, it was dark outside our office container vans, it was also always dusty and more often than not, some parts were always flooded. You have to walk ten minutes to go to and from the Ladies’ Room (wearing complete construction gear), and don’t get me started about the state of those rooms! I almost complained to Singapore’s MOM (Ministry of Manpower) about the sate of our working environment. Almost.

Anyway, my friends and I will be going later to the beach in Sentosa and I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of the theme parks along the way. I expect a huge throng later as tickets were already sold out according to the news last night. I do hope I can just relax, enjoy a bit of the sun, sand and breeze later. I plan to read a bit, take a nap, and just laze around. Later!


With Chico and Delamar in Sentosa

I met Chico and Delamar of Monster Radio RX93.1 radio station last Saturday night at Sentosa, it’s the morning after and I’m still riding on a high!

I met up with my friend Chuckie, Specialistjoe, who arranged the meeting and several other people in Vivo City who were also looking forward to meet the two. On our way to their hotel, I was already very excited, I honestly didn’t know if I’ll be a chatterbox or I’ll be clamming my mouth shut the whole time.

I tried to restrain myself, but when I finally saw them, I blurted out, “Si Chico, si Delamar!”. Their eyes both lit up upon hearing their names and I felt like a true blue fanatic and fell in love with them all over again.

I went over to Chico, greeted him, shook his hand and introduced myself and my friend Chuckie. He was cute, friendly, had a nice smile and, a piercing on his left eyebrow.

Delamar was surrounded by most of the girls, I could only catch her eye and wave, giving her my biggest smile. I find Delamar also very friendly. She was petite and pretty with nice cheekbones and an engaging smile.

With their tight itinerary, I thought that we’ll just be meeting them there at the hotel lobby. It was very nice of them to ask us to go with them to have drinks at a bar. We went to a beachfront bar called Café Del Mar, there were huge beds and chaise lounges laid out on the sands. It was a warm night with the occasional breeze, it was the perfect setting.

We took pictures, posed with them and smiled. There was a lot of laughter, smiles and giggling going around. We settled ourselves down, ordered our drinks and chatted with them. Being a not-so-shy person, I found myself sitting beside Delamar, almost interviewing her. At the same time Chuckie was also plopping himself down beside Chico. We talked about their show and how much fun we have listening to their programs. Delamar shared her experiences with us doing the show and Chico was once again regaling us with his funny antics and stories. It was like listening to a live program and it gave me such a heady feeling.

Combined with the margarita I had and the fun I was having talking with all the people there, I had quite a buzz in my head. I wished we could have stayed up all night, chatting and laughing with them.

The night eventually had to end and we walked with them back to their hotel. We said our long but happy goodbyes and I promised to visit them at their radio station in Ortigas City, Philippines.

Big thanks to Specialistjoe for arranging the meeting with them!

I love you too!

Saying “I love you!” and having someone say it back to you is the greatest thing in the world!

It can be said quietly with a smile, it can be shouted, walking and running fast towards the person you love, covering them with kisses and embraces. It can be said before giving someone a long, tight embrace.To be melodramatic, it can even be said with tears streaming down your face.

Oh, but please, I’d rather not do the last one. I’d rather say it out loud, smiling and grinning.
Whew! To be in love!

and it’s just a Wednesday!

I’ve never felt so many emotions all in one week…and it’s just a freaking Wednesday!
“I have felt….
shock, sadness, depression, paranoia, indifference, dread, suicidal, guilty, indecisive.

On the other hand, “I have also felt..
hopeful, anticipation, blessed, in awe, happy, loved, beautiful, giggly, decisive.

Oh, still so many things! I actually love Wednesdays because it’s the middle of the week and Thursdays and Fridays flow easily to Saturdays. But sometimes things happen during the middle of the week that makes you wish it was still Monday. *sigh*

This image illustrates how I want to feel with Wednesdays again:

Ice Cream, Chocolates, Cakes and Shakes!

I’m such a sucker for ice cream, chocolates, cakes and shakes! I just finished off a tub of Kit Kat flavored ice cream just now and oh how I loved it! Especially if it’s chocolate flavored, but any variety of chocolate flavors will do-yum!

Well, I admit, I do get tired of eating chocolates at times, especially last January 1, when some of my friends and I went to Hard Rock Cafe and indulged ourselves in a buffet. I got a sugar high from eating ice cream and brownies, I admittedly ate those things first, a brownie with ice cream-I think that’s brownie a la mode-then I finished my meal off with two scoops of chocolate ice cream. I got sick, felt dizzy and queasy at the same time. Imagine eating dessert at the beginning and end of a buffet meal, who wouldn’t feel nauseous?

Such is the price to pay if you have a sweet tooth.I just do not want to deny myself from some of the simple pleasures in life. Life is short, and I plan to enjoy it as much as I can! And I’ll do it by eating, enjoying, savoring and dreaming of chocolate!

My First Ever Photoshoot

Pictures from my first ever photoshoot! I had a nice time posing for my bestfriend, Faye, as she practiced her photography lighting. She directed me on the poses, angles and even the kind of smiles she wanted. Thank you so much Faye, you’re such a good photographer! Here are some of the pictures. I wouldn’t mind being a model. Oh and did I mention that I love the pics so much!


I just feel so tired and sleepy, anyway, I’ll be sleeping in a few minutes. Well, at least, I haven’t been praying not to wake up the following morning anymore-big improvement, believe me.

I have been enjoying work lately-mainly because of Odi, he keeps me laughing with his funny antics, one liners and monologues. Also because, we don’t have any pressing deadlines and submissions just yet, that’s why my bosses haven’t been harassing me. Believe it or not, I’m gong to work tomorrow, a Saturday, even if they didn’t ask me to, I just want to get a headstart on my drawings.

Earlier, I really wanted to go shopping but I stopped myself, I really cannot afford shopping right now. I wanted to buy my favorite perfume, Eclat, but now I find it smells too sickeningly sweet, so I opted not to. I wanted to buy sandals, but I want to look around for something much nicer than the simple black ones I’ve been eyeing. I wanted to buy a book, but I remembered I still have a lot of books that I haven’t even read yet. Shopping relaxes me, they call it retail therapy, I call it my hobby! Well, it used to be my hobby. *sigh*

You know where I really want to shop? Tiffany’s, Chopard, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Bottega Veneta, Gucci. Oooh, but at least, I’ve shopped in three out of the five stores I’ve mentioned. Ha!

Oooh, this is just too exquisite, I have to post this. Presenting, Tiffany’s Blue Brooch:

They could have actually moved the diamond ribbons to the center and have it mimic their gift boxes. (Allow me to swoon and sigh deeply here). Anyway, enough rambling, it’s keeping me awake.